Fantastic Plastic

The Horners have supported the teaching of science and plastics design technology for many years and this new “Fantastic Plastic Website” project is a natural follow up to the Polymer Study Tours.

It is a web based resource that can be used by students in their own time to explore the various aspects of modern themes in plastics.

The centre piece is a “Video Lecture” by Prof Macdonald of Reading University, that can be used as a 1 hour show. There are thumbnails for each scene in the lecture to show different aspects of polymers that can be accessed separately and used as leads to the “Know More” sections, where more interesting facts can be seen. The “Polymer Biz” section is where the students can see and hear several “Talking Heads” discussing what they do and why they entered the plastics industry, more examples will be added in due course.

There are several examples of plastics companies giving career suggestions and these can be followed up via their websites. The student can use the virtual experiment to measure the change in viscosity of a fluid as it polymerises, thus teaching how to organise an experiment. This CD and website combines the requirements of GCSE Science with a glimpse into the future.