The Horn Collection

The Horners Company have an extensive collection of horn with over 400 items.
Amongst its principal items are:

The Narwhal Horn
This mighty artefact which is usually carried by one of the stronger members of the Company at the head of the procession into dinner at the Annual Banquet and into lunch on Election Day, was presented to the Horners' Company by William Percival Dobson in 1968 when he was Master. It weighs about 55 lbs (25kg) and is almost 9 feet in length. It was 'taken' from an arctic whale (mondon monceros) in about 1801, which is well before the narwhal became a protected species in 1972.


Ram's head mull on three small castors with silver mounts. Above the hinge of the cairngorm-mounted lid is inscribed 'Presented to the Worshipful Company of Horners by James Holbert Wilson, Esq., Barrister at Law of the Inner Temple. November 2, 1846'. Ram's horn mulls were made for guild and regimental occasions as well as for use on the large private estates from the 18th Century. These ram's head snuff mulls were made with castors so that they could be moved easily from one persons to the next at the table. (taken from Paula Hardwick - Discovering Horn).


Norman Tulip sticks
Norman Tulip was the UK's leading stick dresser whose horn sticks bore intricately and beautifully carved handles. The Master and each of his two Wardens carry Norman Tulip sticks on ceremonial occasions as symbols of office.

The Collection
Our extensive collection of artefacts numbers over 400 and includes items dating back to the early sixteen hundreds. They include many of the items that have been fashioned from horn. Lanterns,(the panes of which were originally made of translucent panes of horn), beakers, combs, drinking horns, powder horns and boxes.
The collection is housed at the Museum of design in Plastics (MoDiP) in Bournemouth and can be viewed on their website:

Playing Cards

Packs of paying cards were presented to guests at the Banquet in Mansion House on Oct 1st 2009. With either blue or red backs, they are available at £5 per pack from the Clerk.
Each card shows a different item from our collection of Horn and you can view and read a detailed description of the each one if you click here.