These cards are a suitable way to write a thank you or any other note. Sold in packs of 6, together with envelopes, each card illustrates a different piece of horn from the Company's collection. They cost £10 per pack inclusive of postage. 

The six cards are illustrated here together with their reverse.

Please send a cheque made payable to the Horners Company to
Court Assistant Charles Bettinson, 34 Ommaney Road,  New Cross Gate, London SE14 5NT

Portrait of a Livery Company
by I.M.Wilkinson

Published in 2015, Honorary Horner Irene Wilkinson's book brings the history of the Company up to date whilst still recounting our history from the middle ages.
Priced at £25 to include postage and packing, it is a must have for every Horner and a good read for those wishing to learn about the Horners.

Please post £25 to our learned clerk whose contact details are here.

Playing cards

The packs of cards were presented to guests at the Banquet in Mansion House on Oct 1st 2009. Packs with either blue or red backs, are available at £5 per pack inclusive of postage. 
The face of each card shows a different item from our collection of Horn

They are available from 
Charles Bettinson, 34 Ommaney Road,  New Cross Gate, London SE14 5NT