Bottlemakers Award

In 1467 The Worshipful Company of Horners' merged with the Bottlemakers Company (who made bottles from leather) and in October 2002, at the Interplas Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, they announced a new annual Award for Bottlemaking. Entries for this award must be a plastic bottle, jar or hollow container, made by any process including extrusion blow, injection blow, injection stretch blow, injection moulding, rotational moulding or vacuum forming.

The entry must have significant UK content in Design, Materials or Manufacture and a proven record of commercial success.

The annual Award consists of a leather bottle made in this century by traditional methods, flanked by two silver-rimmed horn beakers, all mounted on an oak plinth. The Award that the winner retains is a smaller leather bottle, also mounted on an oak plinth which is suitably engraved.
The 2016 Bottlemakers Award goes to the ICE Bottle

The ICE Bottle by R&D Tool and Engineering Ltd  won the 2016 award. Initially created for the cosmetics market, the glass-like bottle is produced using injection stretch blow moulding. The result is a stackable bottle with a sleek high-end almost architectural look.

It was praised by the judges for the way it demonstrates what is possible with plastics at the premium end of the market and for its unique eye-catching design.
Made from a copolyester supplied by Eastman, the square shoulders of the bottle also allow for a simple engraving process that can be easily read. It has sparked interest from many parts of the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) industry.


Horners Bottlemakers Award Winner 2015


The winner of the 2016 Bottlemakers Award was judged to be the Logoplast for their new 1.5 Litre bottle

The innovative new 1.5 litre bottle design was developed to save about 2.500 tons of plastic each year to reduce waste and help the environment.  

The bottle is produced from recycled PET and the design uses biomimicry, strengthening the base with a honeycomb rib configuration to withstand up to 1bar of internal pressure due to the Nitrogen applied during filling.

The bottle was launched in May 2015.

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