The Horners Jewellery and Fashion Accessory Award

(previously known as the Jewellery Award) 

This award, given by the Horners in conjunction with the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design (London Metropolitan University), is founded on charitable and citizen based motivation to raise social awareness and support charitable activities. This annual award is for the most effective use of plastics and/or horn in a range of durable, wearable jewellery.

Students are invited to submit for subsequent charitable auction, wearable jewellery (using plastics and/or horn) which appeals to the charitable supporters of the Livery.

Students are encouraged to design with an environmental mindset in relation to the choice of materials, recyclable materials and waste. Stock jewellery findings (e.g. broche pins) may be used if integral to the design.

Consideration is given to a practical and visually effective method of displaying the jewellery for auction/sale/delivery at the Master's Charity Evening. Submission for judging should include one A2 Concept Board and the finalised artefact.

Judging Criteria
The judges look for:
Imaginative design and material use
  • Wearability and durability
  • Suitability in relation to target audience
  • Concept, display and presentation
The 2016 Horners' Jewellery and Fashion Accessory Award

First prize was awarded to Jemma Whitehouse for her horn coral neckpiece.

The Runner up was Liga Belgrave for her Horn necklace.

The winner's neckpiece was auctioned in aid of the Master's Charity in June at the Horners Charity Evening event at Painter Stainer's Hall to which Jemma was a guest.

The 2015 Horners' Jewellery and Fashion Accessory Award

The 2015 Award entries were of a very high standard and showed remarkable talent.  The best judged entries were submitted for auction at the Master's Charity Dinner.