Winners of the Horners' Award for Plastics Innovation and Design.
The highly innovative ‘Airbus A350 XWB Composite Rear Spar’, developed by GKN Aerospace, has been announced as the winner of the Horners Award for Plastics Design and Innovation 2013.


GKN Aerospace has developed automated processes for its A350 XWB composite spar and fixed trailing edge assembly programme. The application of state-of-the-art automated fibre placement (AFP) technology, unique to the UK, has allowed GKN Aerospace to produce cost effective repeatable lightweight components with more complex and bespoke geometries.

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This year the Horners Award Committee was again impressed by the level of entries covering innovative products and processes. The Committee awarded the Horners’ Runner-Up Award to Hozelock for their ‘Growbag Waterer’, a device that keeps a grow bag watered for up to 2 weeks at a time. The grow bag is placed on a reservoir that incorporates specially designed spikes that pierce the bottom of the grow bag. One of its greatest benefits it that it prevents water wastage and helps people produce local grown food with improved success.

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The judges were also delighted to nominate three other products for the Highly Commended Certificate as follows: ‘The Chest Drain Trainer’ by Limbs & Things Ltd, Emerald Automotive's ‘Thermoplastic Composite Bodied Electric Vehicle’ and ‘Temporary Industrial Roadway’ designed by Big Bear Plastics.
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The Birthing Baby is a new born baby mannequin which is having a growing role in the training of doctors, midwives and nurses and helps to prevent adverse outcomes in childbirth. Training using The Birthing Baby helps eliminate confusion in roles and responsibilities, provides better structure and coordination to the performance of key clinical tasks and improves organization and support.
The head, body and limbs are made from RTV Silicone rubber, ABS and water blown polyurethane foam. It includes several realistic, key anatomical features. The head is suitable to practice forceps and suction deliveries and the arms, legs and head articulate realistically. The flexibility, hardness, density and weight distribution of the skin, limbs and joints closely replicate those of a real baby.
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The secure bicycle storage system from Cycloc Product Design. 
The innovative mouldings allow cycles to be secured on a wall, optimising available space in offices and student accommodation. 
The mouldings are brightly coloured and exploit the design opportunities of the plastic materials chosen.

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The 'Easy Clean' Bedside Cabinet from Bristol Maid™ was designed to assist in reducing unwanted healthcare associated infections.
The design reduces the number of hard to reach corners and surfaces without cutting down patient storage.
The rotationally moulded design helps to achieve better standards of hygiene in patient care whilst maximising space, security and flexibility in operation.

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The Beehaus was developed using modern plastics materials to provide bees with a safe, modern home in which to live and makes beekeeping straightforward and fun.
The judges were greatly impressed by the Omlet Beehaus due to its use of plastics materials to benefit the environment and to address a topical issue, the decline in bee populations. Omlet is the first com-pany in the history of the Horners Award to have won twice, having received the Award in 2004 for their ‘Eglu’ Chicken Coop.

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A revolutionary, lightweight and environmentally friendly kerbstone system.The overall design concept of the 'Durakerb' system which is manufactured from a blend of recycled polymers, aims to help specifiers and contractors comply with Government requirements for sustainable buildings.

Durakerb is a cost-effective solution not only to the Health & Safety Executive's Manual Handling Regulations but also to the ever increasing environmental performance targets now commonplace throughout the construction industry.

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A thermoplastics, injection-moulded, powered Golf Trolley. The Golf Trolley has been designed by Greaves Best Design and is manufactured by GoKart Powered Golf.

Tooling, moulding and component sourcing is accessed through DT Industries. Plastics materials are used to great effect in producing an extremely durable, light weight and low maintenance product which is easily manoeuvrable at all elevations and on golf courses with challenging terrains.

The materials selected facilitated innovation in the incorporation of springs, hinges, gears, and integral latches. Tactile qualities could be introduced which enhanced comfort and allowed a firm grip. Over- all, as the components were moulded, the number of parts could be reduced with cost savings resulting.

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Sovrin Plastics was the winner of the 2006 Horners Award. Sovrin received the honor for the 'Syclix' surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgery. The company was recruited to build the tooling for the Syclix device as well as mould and assemble the product. The 'Syclix' recognises innovation in plastics, in its elimination of the ring grip on regular surgical in- struments, which can be restricting and tiring for surgeons. Through rolling the instrument with the forefinger and thumb, the jaws of the instrument are controlled with minimal arm movement for 180 degree rotation.

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The UltraCane is an inventive mobility aid for the blind and partially sighted.

It works exactly the same way that bats "see" using ultrasonic echoes to provide users with the ability to "feel" objects in their environment through the cane's vibrations. Like the bat, the Ultracane uses ultrasonic echoes (signals that bounce off objects in the vicinity) to detect how big and how far ahead obstacles are and converts this information into vibrating but- tons in its handle.

As there are a number of sensors, the can can even detect ob- structions at head height. This means that the UltraCane user builds a growing spatial map of their surroundings and all the trials and user feedback suggests that this spatial awareness doesn't even require conscious effort on behalf of the user - it just happens. The additional feelings of safety and confidence reported by users is no doubt because blind and vision- impaired people have been used extensively in developing the UltraCane.

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The EGLU Chicken coop was adapted to accommodate other small animals such as rabbits and hamsters. Seven of the struc- tural components are rotationally moulded by HP Mouldings in HPDE in a range of elegant colours.

It can be delivered direct to your home, together with a pair of hens and enough food to start them laying eggs.

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One of this year's most outstanding entries and the ultimate winner was the Vent-Axia® Air Minder. This whole-house heat recovery ventilation system effortlessly removes the home's polluted air. The main unit had to be light in weight in order to ease installation and plastics became the first choice material. Two ground-breaking design features were developed, firstly the major ABS outer casings were over moulded with expanded polystyrene in order to ease the air flow and improve the insulation and quiet running of the unit and secondly, the traditional bulky aluminium heat exchanger was replaced by an automatically assembled series of concatenated thermoformed PVC baffle plates which now outstrip the performance of metal equivalents. The Air Minder can greatly reduce the energy needed to heat the home and will have a positive environmental impact when installed in new buildings.


3M™ Paint Preparation System A new innovative system for mixing and preparing refinish material prior to spraying. This system features a plastic disposable reservoir and associated fittings which greatly improve the efficiency of the spraying system.


The World's first single piece PET can entered by the RPC Containers Ltd.

Judges chose the plastic can because it has revolutionised the way lever-lid containers can be produced and con- quered the limitations posed by current moulding techniques.


'Inventa' - an innovative education aid entered by Valiant Technology Limited which makes extensive use of injec- tion moulded Polystyrene and Polypropylene parts.


A new concept design for a 60 litre Supermarket Shopping Trolley which was developed by a consortium including the Industrial Design Consultancy (based in Slough), Dupont Engineering Polymers (based in Hemel Hempstead), Plasto AS (Norway) and Carte 2000 (Australia).