Previous Winners of the Bottlemakers Award


Braille Tubes

The winner of the 2014 Bottlemakers Award was judged to be the Braille Tubes by M&H Plastics.

The Braille Tubes demonstrates excellence in design and innovation. M&H has developed a method of accurately printing Braille characters directly onto plastic packaging.  A high-build varnish is used to print the dots directly onto the product using extremely accurate measures to ensure the height of the Braille alphabet remains uniform throughout the packaging run.

APPE’s ThermaLite® Hot-fill, Pasteuriseable PET Jar has been confirmed as the winner of the Horners Bottlemaker Award 2013.


The ThermaLite® PET jars demonstrates excellence in design and innovation. The jars are able to hot-fill at temperatures to 95 °C (previous industry maximum was 85 °C) and be pasteurised (previously not achievable with PET which is a global first). Using a revolutionary double-blow manufacturing process and specialist PET resin, APPE have produced jars that are fully transparent, high gloss and shatterproof.


The Horners Award Committee were also impressed by the products excellent environmental advantages. The jars are 85% lighter with smaller footprint than glass equivalents and require 15% less food-processing energy.

The winner of the 2012 Bottlemakers Award is the Ecotainer from RPC Plenmeller.  Judged to show great advance in the design of anti 'glug' pouring, the container optimised space, combining light weight with positive safe stacking.


The Bottlemakers Award this year was won by RPC Group and presented to Michael Stegeman. Their ‘retortable jar’ allows the hot filling of bulk food catering packs without the associated problems of expansion and distortion. The design incorporates novel ribbing to maintain shape during filling. As a glass replacement, the jars reduce weight and add safety.

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The 2010 winner of the Bottlemakers Award was judged to be the RPC Vitamin Postal Pack. RPC blow-moulded the HDPE bottle that needed to be less than 25mm deep in order to fit into the parameters of a standard letter. A polypropylene oblong cap to fit securely onto the pack and the bottleneck is induction sealed for air-tightness and tamper evidence.




NEMESIS range of bottlesThe Horner's Bottlemaking Award, sponsored by the Polymer Machinery Manufacturers & Distributors Association , has been won by Northumbria Blow Mouldings Ltd for their NEMESIS range of bottles.

Available in 1, 2.5, 4 and 5 litre sizes, the bottles are extrusion blow moulded from a modified PET. This represents a technological breakthrough for blow mouldings of this size in a material that is both clear and fully recyclable, whilst having excellent gas barrier properties.




Ragasco AS for the BP Gas Light, the lightweight composite gas cylinder. Developed and manufactured by Ragasco in Norway and sold in the UK through BP, this unique lightweight composite gas cylinder was a clear winner with the judges. The innovative use of multiple materials to replace the traditional steel bottles was re- garded as a great achievement and it was agreed that this development extends the scope of blow moulding into a new area of application.

The pleasing design and enhanced user-friendly features such as reduced weight, easy to see gas level, non-corrosive and non-explosive all added to it being selected as the 2007 winner.




DR. FROHN designed 20 litre 'Monty' plastic canister for BP.

Developed by DR.ING.W.FROHN GMBH & CO KG in partnership with BP and manufactured by Werit UK Limited, the Monty pack is a lightweight, stackable, plastic retail container which allows automated high speed filling with a unique patented "ECOVENT" anti-glug discharge feature.

Moulded in HDPE, the Ecovent Discharge System vents through a channel running beneath and through the handle. This minimises potentially dangerous splashing of contents, drastically reduces emptying time, and improves pouring accuracy.




In 2003 the judging panel selected the "LIMELITE" extrusion blow-moulded one-piece, dual chamber bottle , incorporating two corresponding necks made from polypropylene, together with its injection-moulded adaptor and cap.

It features the containment and pouring of two chemically different liquids which are not allowed to have contact during storage; they give common effect when flowing together after pouring.

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In 2005 the judging panel decided to give the Award not for a bottle or container of unique design but for a manufacturing process. The trophy was presented to the RPC Group plc for their new, transparent, injection stretch-blown bottles. These screw-top containers are made using 30% post consumer recycled PET.