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The Worshipful Company of Horners


By February 11, 2021February 15th, 2021Company News

The Annual Young Inter-Livery Quiz was held online on Thursday 11th February 2021

It was organised by the Guild of Young Freemen and hosted by Quiz Coconut

Laptop ready; Mobile ready; WiFi broadband all good to go; G&T prepared… we were Zoomed into another world…

The Young City Livery challengers metaphorically paraded their Company’s Colours across the screen, pounded their hooves and sharpened their focus for the battle ahead. The online gauntlet had been thrown and the battle horn was blown!

In the Happy Horners’ corner our honourable Young Bucks & Does team included: Alexander Bordino, Jeremy Larsson, Kristen Tapping, Liigah Thrower and myself (unfortunately one short of a full squad due to those pesky University deadlines, schedules of providing online GCSE teaching lessons to younger students, and work commitments!).

Questions on geography, physics, vitamins, the dreaded music round, and the hilarious interactive ‘treasure-hunt’ round were handled with aplomb and the Young Bucks & Does were in touching distance of the Leaders. Alas, like in glorious rugby games with two-halves – which I am sure many of you were watching in between romantic preparations for Valentine’s weekend – the final quick-fire round sadly proved an intellectual challenge too great on this occasion for our Young Bucks & Does team. The Champions, the Young Merchant-Taylors, clearly had a Mastermind well-schooled in quizzes smuggled into their team and they didn’t so much as put the wool-over-our-eyes but quickly throttled any opposition with their silk linen!

Senior Stags and Matriarchs of our Company will no doubt be proud of our young Associates, Freemen and Liverymen fighting proudly for our Livery and, like our arbitrary City precedence, secured a solid mid-table position! So a good evening was had by all our Young Bucks & Does who retired to their personal hostelries now setup at home to lick their wounds, and be ready for another day to respond to the call-to-arms of the finest Livery company in the Square Mile!

Robert Pinchen

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