Jewellery Scholarship


The Jewellery Award introduced in 2005 by the Master Brian Ridgewell has run successfully for a number of years and has evolved into the current Horners’ Jewellery and Fashion Accessories Award. Over the years there have been particular winning designs that were of exceptional or unusual quality and showed potential for further development. The company also wishes to promote the use of horn, particularly in jewellery and decorative items.

To pursue these aims, the Horners have introduced a Scholarship, to help develop  skills in the working of horn and plastics in producing jewellery and decorative articles.

The Grant

The Grant in Jewellery, Fashion and Decorative Items for innovation in plastics and horn is awarded to a successful applicant who has shown they are able to produce exceptional pieces and demonstrate great potential to expand this in the near future. They demonstrate that they:

  • show potential to continue to be active in the use of horn and/or plastics in decorative items;
  • are happy to promote the Worshipful Company of Horners as their sponsors, on their website and other media used to display their work;
  • can explain their rationale for how they would use the scholarship
  • are able to develop a proposal project in which they would use horn or plastic;
  • will commit to one or more pieces in horn or plastic for the Company within the Scholarship period;
  • will allow the Worshipful Company of Horners to exhibit this and other pieces;

be prepared to explain their work or talk about a piece to a Horners audience

2018 Scholarship

In 2018 the first grant was awarded to Armelle Ellison, a final year degree student in the CASS at London Metropolitan University. Armelle has produced designs and and started on the production of an ornate ring incorporating horn.

 Armelle has started her own jewellery making business and intends to continue with this, along with bringing up her family, as a career.

In February 2019 at the Installation Ceremony  she made a presentation to the Court Showing the ring that she has created.