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The Worshipful Company of Horners

Polymer Study Tours

Polymer Study Tours are run by the Horners’ as residential courses for Teachers to learn about the Polymer Industry for the benefit of both themselves and their pupils. Delegates receive a Certificate of Professional Development,

They help to educate teachers on the science, technology and applications of polymers (both plastics and rubbers). From the industry point of view the Polymer Study Tours provide information and create interest, which will promote the recruitment of high quality scientists and technologists for the plastics and associated industries. In addition the courses promote the knowledge of polymers and plastics and their importance to the quality of everyday life and thereby enhance the image of plastics and the plastics industry in the eyes of future consumers.

The Polymer Study Tours are designed to improve your subject knowledge, provide suggestions for practical activities and give  first hand experience of the polymer industry in action.  They are a careful blend of lectures, practical sessions using readily avaiable resources to demonstrate key polymer-related concepts, industry tours, and discussion opportunities based on detailed information sent out beforehand, and they are open to practising and trainee teachers from all regions of the UK.  The residential aspect provides the ideal opportunity to network with other like-minded teachers from across the country and we hope that you will make long lasting connections with your colleagues and the invited speakers.  The sessions will all be delivered by experts from industry and academia and the Tours will include a crucial final session, led by a practicing teacher, looking at how you can use the content from the course in your classroom teaching.  We have liaised closely with Design & Technology teachers when devising the programme so that it links closely with the polymer topics in the 11 to 18 curriculum.  All delegates will receive a comprehensive resource pack following the event, including electronic literature and physical samples.

In  November, our Renter Warden Rebecca Joyce had great pleasure in attending the Polymer Study Tour kindly hosted by WHS Plastics in Warwickshire and organised by Diane Aston, Head of Education and Professional Development at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and funded by The Horners Charity Fund.
This tour gave secondary and sixth form teachers experience of real production environments and invaluable insight into polymers and the different design, application and production processes as well as the environmental and sustainability benefits of the appropriate application of polymers. Rebecca was surprised to discover that the use of polymers forms a larger part of the curriculum for Design and Technology than Chemistry.
Teachers were also provided with practical ideas for engaging students and demonstrating polymers in the classroom. The photos show participants making an object from composite materials – in this case making a rectangular container from fibreglass and resins.
A second Tour also took place in East Yorkshire, hosted by Bericap.
Three tours are scheduled for 2024, in Scotland, Warwickshire and East Yorkshire.

Further information and booking information can be found on the Institute of Mining Minerals & Mining (IOM3) website by clicking here.