The Horners’ Charitable Funds are registered as a recognised Charity with the Charity Commission No. 292204. As is the case with all such Charities, Trustees ensure that our charitable activities are conducted in accordance with the Charities Act.

Our charitable activities can be divided into two distinct parts, our Educational Activities and General Charitable Activities. The Trustees have delegated the management of these to the Educational Charitable Committee and the General Charitable Committee respectively  which report to them  and who remain responsible for their actions.

It has been said that the two maxims for  Charity Trustees are to govern not manage and to delegate not abdicate.

The Trustees consist of a Chairman, Ex Officio Trustees being the Master, Upper and Renter Wardens, Deputy Master,  Junior Past Master,  and not more than five Appointed Trustees who serve for a five year period.  The current Chairman is Past Master Mark Spofforth OBE.

All the Trustees are drawn from Members of the Court but being responsible to the Charity Commissioners and not to the Court,  are independent of it when acting in their capacity as Trustees.